Mango season in India

Travel guides will often tell you that June is not a great month to visit India. You either get there in the stifling heat or you might have to rely on your swimming skills to roam around through the rains.
So, one can pray for luck and eventually delight in the weather after all, Bombay rains are legendary.

India Bombay Taj Mahal Palace
Bombay harbour from the Taj Mahal Palace

A little confession from an addict : mango season is enough of a reason for me to face the heavy rains. I did not know there were actually dozens of varieties that have different characteristics and ways to be prepared. Ice cream, chutney, juice, sorbet, puree, lassi…endless options, I was delighted !

Here are three cities, three reasons to spend time in Western India, no matter the season.


Goa – South India

In the minds of many, Goa is a debauchery place for Western hippies. I cannot tell you if that is still true or not.

What I can tell you is that there is more to Goa. In an India where people are both running around and stuck in traffic, Goa is an isle of idleness.

We encountered locals playing cards and drinking beers as well as tourists taking pictures in front of the old Portuguese monuments. There are traces of the colonialist period everywhere such as catholic churches and nuns strolling underneath the palm trees.

India Goa churches
Se Cathedral, Goa
India Goa church basilica bom jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus

So to enjoy Goa, rent a scooter, slalom between the drenched fields, try and climb up to a Portuguese fort with a view and end the day drinking a cocktail on the beach.


Shimla – North India

India shimla
View of Shimla

“Queen of the hills” back in the days of the British Raj, Shimla was the summer capital when Delhi became too hot. Once called Simla, the city kept some of its administrative functions as the state capitale of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is a city you have to deserve : the last dozens kilometers are more than bumpy and they take hours.

In the winter, the city looks like a snowy fairytale.
In the summer, one can feel the crisp air and the sunny days. The main square offers beautiful observation points onto the valley and the Jakhu temple, dedicated to the monkey god Hanuman.

Writers have always had a predilection for Shimla : food is wholesome, the hustle of civilization is far away and stars come say hi every night, the perfect cure to a lack of inspiration.

by Shubhamby Shubhamby Shubhamby Shubham


Amritsar – Punjab

India Punjab food
Punjabi food

Once in Amritsar, enjoy the punjabi food and if you feel like it, go and see the daily flag ceremony at the Indian-Pakistani border.

But the pearl of Amritsar is called Harmandir Sahib and it is probably the most beautiful religious edifice I have ever seen.

The Golden temple is the most sacred construction in the Sikh religion. It is incredible for both its architecture and its history, although tragic in the late 20th century.

Sikhism is a universalist religion and the building matches the believes : the entries are spread to the four cardinal points and meals are served to anyone in need thanks to many volunteers.

To enter the holy place, you have to take off your shoes, walk through a small pool and cover your heads. Inside the outer walls, men and children are bathing while women have to do it hidden. An artificial lake surrounds the temple. You can hear prayers coming out of the speakers. The whole place simply exudes peacefulness. Families come to seat on the white marble and share a moment together. They pray, watch the sun set and the lights change.


Amritsargold by Shubham India Golden temple India Golden temple Amritsar

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