5 reasons to visit Cuba

It is impossible to sum up two weeks in Cuba. We loved our time there. It was filled with discoveries, struggles and new faces.

Here is my Top 5 of the things and places we liked on the island.

 5. Transports in Cuba

We had some ups and downs with the transport system. We decided not to take the buses dedicated to tourists and we kept our word but that was not without struggles, long and unconfortable rides and delays.

The taxis made up for most of the hardships : classic Cadillac and Chevrolet from the fifties. They are everywhere and turn each and every ride into an adventure.

Traveling with the locals for two weeks, we saved a lot of money and we really felt like Cubans especially when it meant losing time on rough roads.

Broken bus



Cuba car


4. Viñales

The quiestest place in Cuba for sure. Only a three-hour ride from Havana, it is green and covered with tobacco and pinneaple fields. We only had one day there and chose to go horse-back riding.

Cuba Vinales horse

Cuba Viñales Mogotes
Mogote, Viñales

Cuba Viñales


3. Baracoa

This little city at the far east of the island was a lovely discovery.

It was all landscapes, dense jungle, good food and nice inhabitants.

As it is very hard to reach, it is exotic and wild.

Baracoa El Yunke
El Yunke

Cuba Baracoa
Boca de Miel, Baracoa

Cuba Baracoa

Cuba Baracoa beach
Baracoa beach


2. Havana

Our absolute favorite.  Havana stole our hearts. Every picture of Cuba one has in mind upon arrival is from Havana.

There are no words to describe the feelings that a walk in the streets of the Cuban capital brings about.

The sounds, the colors…some people would call this city “powerful”.

Propaganda is seen on many walls, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Lada run the streets, there is music everywhere whatever the hour, old people smoking cigars surround teenagers playing football…

It kind of felt like home and we spent most of our stay in Havana.


Cuba Havana
Streets of Havana
Cuba Havana

Cuba Havana school





Cuba Havana
Plaza de Armas
Cuban cars


Cuba, Havana
El Capitolio
Cuba Havana Malecon
El Malecón


Cuba Havana

Playa del Este


Cuba Havana Plaza de la revolucion
Plaza de la Revolucion
Plaza de la Revolucion



1. The Cubans

It sure is easy to say but it’s true : Cubans really made our trip wonderful.

They don’t have much but what they have, they will gladly share with you.

The embargo is present in everyday life : it’s not easy to cook a simple meal as they are lacking many simple ingredients. But Cubans are crafty and resourceful and they will always find a way to get through the day !

We met amazing people and had some great conversations. We were amazed by how much they know about the world.