15 cool things to do in London

Let’s assume you have done the “classics”. You have roamed around the Thames, crossed Big Ben, the Tower of London, the British Museum and Buckingham Palace off your list. Here are a few things to do in London, aka the coolest city in Europe, you might not have thought about   :

  • The Southbank Center is a great artistic place which offers concerts, performances, workshops and exhibits. Its program is fully eclectic from classical music concerts playing original score of Spielberg’s movies to  joyful exhibits about the Moomins… It is also conveniently surrounded by a food market, the London Eye and the South Bank of the Thames. At one point, they even had a sauna on the rooftop !

  • Want to escape the grey of London city ? Head for the Kew Gardens in Richmond. There are many places of interest : the world’s biggest Victorian glasshouse, the beehive construction, a few tropical gardens…

  • Whether you are planning a trip or just want to escape for a bit, take a look at Foyles.  In this specialist bookstore, you will find globes, ancient maps, guides and art so beware of the wanderlust virus.

    Do in London Foyles

  • The National Gallery is definitely a spot to hit. The entrance is free and within minutes you can find yourself gazing at some of the most beautiful  and renowned paintings in the world. Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, sunflowers, opera dancers, water lilies…they are all here. Also note that the café is a great place to take a break just steps from busy Soho.

  • In the far East of the City, you can explore Greenwich which will enable you to have a great view of London, learn about the universe at the Royal Observatory and step on the Greenwich meridian, standing at GMT+00.00, pretty cool.

    Do in London Greenwich

  • West End in London = Broadway in New York City. If you want a show in particular or if you want the cheapest tickets possible, you should book in advance through websites like London Box Office. There are many booths between Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus where you can find tickets for the same evening. Give it a try ! My favorite experience was an immersive play of Alice in Wonderland at the Vault in the tunnels that run under Waterloo Train Station. It was absolutely incredible. Close second, the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play.

Qwirky London restaurants

    • If you are staying in the Clapham Junction area, check out Café Olé, Jack’s at the Junction or Bite Bistrot for breakfast. Relaxed atmosphere, great full English breakfast with a vegetarian option, wholesome food and good coffee choices. Jack’s at the Junction even has bottomless coffee and tea.
      London Bite Bistrot
      Bite Bistrot


  • If it looks like Mumbai and it tastes like Mumbai then it must be Mumbai. Nope, it is still London but now I understand why people are queuing outside of Dishoom for an hour in a city where there are Indian restaurants absolutely everywhere. Food and atmosphere are impeccable and pay tributes to the Irani cafes of Mumbai.
  • You have a few hours before hopping on the Eurostar,  German Gymnasium  is a good option, the place is really worth an Instagram shot. The food is affordable and healthy. And unless you forget that check-in closes half an hour before departing time, you will not miss your train !

  • “Are you sure it’s here?” “Well, yeah” “But it’s a sex shop” “I know”. Do not be afraid, step in. If you do not have a reservation, the hostess will escort you out. If you do, you’ll be escorted down and you will enjoy pricey Mexican food in a secluded atmosphere with a zest of forbidden. Welcome to La Bodega Negra.
    Do in London Bodega Negra
  • Fancy a proper afternoon tea ? My absolute favorite is at Fortnum and Mason. The main store in Piccadilly Circus is magnificent but always busy ; a good alternative is the smaller outlet in St Pancras station.  Make sure to check Groupon ahead of time for good deals.

The markets

  • Columbia Road Flower Market is a lovely place for a Sunday stroll. You can roam around and even bring a little green souvenir home. – Sundays from 8am to 3pm 
  • Particularly appealing if you are into antics, second-hand objects and craftsmanship, Brick Lane Market also has a lot of street food options.- Sundays

  • Ten years ago, Camden Road Market was a little gem of a market. Today, it has been taken over by tourists. It is still a little edgy, has cool artistic facades and spreads over many markets. You will find everything from food to souvenirs and clothing. – Every day from 10am

  • The Portobello Road Market is the self-proclaimed largest antic market in the world.If you are not here for the furniture, the colorful houses of Notting Hill are picturesque. – Monday to Wednesday: 09:00 – 18:00, Thursday: 09:00 – 13:00, Friday & Saturday: 09:00 – 19:00Here is the condensed map of all of these :



Make sure to check out Time Out London and Secret London, great resources to discover original and temporary experiences in the city.

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