Bonjour ! Hello !

My name is Elodie. I am French and currently living in New Delhi, India.

In 2013, I spent a semester studying at NYU. I loved every minute of it and started a blog to let my mother and grand mother know I was doing fine without having to be so punctual to our Skype meetings.

After two more blogs and many Skype meetings with France, here we are.

Happy reading !

Hong Kong (2017)
Jujuy, Argentina (2017)
Dubai, UAE (2016)
Angkor, Cambodia (2016)
Luss, Scotland (2017)
Brighton, UK (2017)
Chiang Rai, Thailand (2016)
Copenhagen, Denmark (2016)
Vang Vieng, Laos (2016)
Kolkata, India (2015)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2016)
Bocas del Toro, Panama (2015)
Ometepe, Nicaragua (2014)
Paris, France (2016)
Tarcoles, Costa Rica (2014)
Habana, Cuba (2015)
Orlando, Florida (2014)
Lisbon, Portugal (2014)
Ring of Kerry, Ireland (2013)
Miami, USA (2013)
NYC, USA (2013)
Saint Petersburg, Russia (2011)